Marketing Targets


Seamless Marketing Targets.

Every business needs to know their performance, how they have performed previously where they are sitting at currently and what they want to achieve. The Seamless Marketing Plan is an easy to use guide to help track your performance and help give you goals to work towards to ensure continued improvement at your property. This marketing plan is the first step to understanding how your property works and putting a plan in place to help fill in the gaps on your booking chart and maximizing your occupancy and income.

Step One

Go through your reservation system and build your occupancy reports for the last 12 months and fill in the gaps.

Step Two

Go through your booking chart and look at the bookings you have in place and plan some targets for the next 12 months.

Step Three

Put a marketing strategy in place to help achieve those targets. Seamless has a range of help files available in the “expert vault” to help put your marketing strategy in place.

Step Four 

Use our advanced marketing targets document to compare growth over more than a 12 month period.

Marketing Target Template

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Advanced Marketing Target Template

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