Furniture Supply

After 8 years of working in the accommodation industry and travelling to accommodation houses to offer consulting and training there has been a few secrets I have learned along the way. When it comes to furnishing your accommodation there are a few key things you need to think of, these key things are the difference between a guest extending  their stay or moving on. It can also be the difference between them coming back or finding another place next time.

They keys to furnishing your accommodation

  1. Make sure your living area comfortable seat the same number as the accommodation sleeps. ( nothing bugs me more than staying a cabin that sleeps 6 but has a two seater sofa). This is where custom made furniture can make you money in the long run.
  2.  Buy quality furniture that will last or reinforce the existing furniture so they last the test of time. Loose legs on chairs should not happen but we see it all too often.
  3. Bring colour to your rooms in the way of art work and cushions (kmart and ikea are your best friend here because at $5 you can get new ones every year)
  4. Comfortable and warm bedding is a must
  5. no one want bed spreads any-more triple sheeting beds with machine washable quilts at the way to go.


Are you adding to your accommodation or renovating? Contact seamless today for a quote on furniture packs, kitchen packs, electrical appliances and beddings.


All we need is the plan and we can get the package that works best for your property.