January Marketing Ideas


Marketing Strategies January 


January is almost upon us and you know the saying let’s make hay while the suns shine well January is no better example of this. We know you are already quite busy but I am sure when you look at your booking chart there are gaps on there. Let fill those gaps in a capacity that you can manage. I want you to print off your booking chart for January and have it out in front of you and have a look at the gaps. Have a look at the changeover dates and cross out the dates that you don’t want to sell due to high cleaning turn over.


Now a mistake a lot of property owners make is they have solid minimum night restrictions set online and you don’t have any availability for that number nights. So for example you have a 7 night minimum for the month of January however over a certain date range you may only have rooms available for 3-5 nights not 7. What that means to potential clients searching for availability online is that if they are searching for availability across those dates ranges even through you have availability for 3 or 4 nights it will not show up. The booking engine or your book now button will simply show as sold or your property will not come up at all.


What we want to do in your January marketing strategy is open these dates for availability online with reduced restriction and increased rates. This way it compensated for the extra cleaning costs, fills in the gaps and increases your exposure online.

The other thing we want to do is send an email blast to your database and let them know of these available dates with reduced restrictions. Make these email blasts short and sweet, something that is image based and makes them aware of what you have and the urgency to book now before they miss out. A lot of potential clients assume that you have nothing available over peak periods so don’t even get online at look.


This is something that should also be passed on in your social media marketing strategy.