RMS Training

Annalise Grinter the managing director of Seamless Online Consulting has not only worked with the RMS reservation system as a caravan park manager and also serviced apartment manager using the owner accounting module. Annalise also held the position of training coordinator at RMS for almost 2 years.

During this time it was Annalise’s role to ensure all new properties were setup correctly and understood the correct procedure of running their property using the RMS system. It was also within Annalise’s role to train staff on the better use of the RMS system.

This included a lot of travel onsite to all types of properties including

  • Large hotels
  • Motels
  • Caravan Parks
  • Minning camps
  • Government accommodation facilities
  • bed and breakfast
  • resorts

It was  through this travel and experience that Annalise could see what properties do really well and also areas in which they can improve. After two years of travelling Australia working with all kinds of properties Annalise decided she wanted to assist with more than just RMS training and it was then that Seamless was born.


RMS Training costs

Remote over the phone training $90 per hour + GST

RMS onsite training $110 per hour + GST (excluded travelling and accommodation costs) minimum of 8 hours for onsite training

In office training $90 per hour + GST


New RMS property setup costs

We build your RMS database for your cost $250+ GST

4 X 1 hour remote training sessions $360 + GST


RMS online module setup 

setup of 2 online channels + your rms book now button $350 + GST

$60 + GST for each additional online channel connected


RMS Rates Setup

Based on your rates structure setup of rates in RMS start from $90 + GST ( this would be a standard motel with 4 or less room types and a basic peak and off peak season)

Send your rates through and Seamless can quote the set up for you.

RMS Rates Training

Remote rates training of 90 minutes is $150+ GST extra $50 + GST for each additional 30 minutes

We get you to send through your rates and we then break them down for you and together during the training session we add them into your RMS system.