Social media marketing

They key to social media marketing

Give people a reason to visit your website or if retail your store.

This usually means there needs to be something in it for the client but you need to give them a reason to take the next step and visit your bricks and motor store, your online store or if your the accommodation industry your website. This can be a number of things like

  • Free giveaways if they sign up to your website mailing list
  • In store online offers
  • Promo codes that offer big discounts
  • in store online items for sale
  • spend and save offers where clients are rewarded for the more they spend
  • Online coupons to be used in store only


Find your marketing niche 

More often than not potential clients can get what your offering whether that be product or services from somewhere. What you need to do is find your niche in the market, why should they get that product or service from you before everyone else?? It’s all about the experience, you need to be offering your client the best possible experience. From the way your shop is laid out to the way the are greeted when they walk into the door to the personalised than you email once a guest has stayed or on  their birthday. We all love to feel good about ourselves or about an experience and if we loved that feeling so much we may just go back.


Sweat the small stuff…

Bring your brand to life in the finest details and deliver with excellence. The smallest details can keep your brand in a clients mind and may be the reason they come in and visit, come and stay, come back or tell all their friends about it.

Host social media events

You can build a strong loyal following by hosting events that are all about your fans. Events can last 24 hours or more it is a great way to discover new clients, get more followers and build a strog community based following. Some examples


  • Favourite dress Friday for retail..
  • Cocktail Thursday for food and bevarge where followers can share the favourite cocktail
  • Best childhood holiday memory
  • Best family holiday moment caught on camera

Use Images on all Facebook to amplify your Facebook status.

Put your status on an image rather than on just typing. There are some great programs out there like word swag and pic monkey that can add text on any image or background. Images get noticed..


Use targeted paid social media marketing 

We found out with the release of Facebook’s algorithm and the looming release of instagrams it is important that we set aside a monthly budget for paid social media marketing. In the scheme of things if you do this correctly it is very cost effective. It is importnat that you chose

  • An age
  • gender
  • location
  • interests

If not you may be wasting half of your  budget..


Video’s attract the most attention on social media 

The creators of our much loved social media channels want to see more video in their feeds so make sure you mix things up a bit. Take virtual tours of your store or property. Video tape exciting things that are happening, videos are easy to relate to and can’t help but stand out in your feed.


Facebook live video feed

The team at facebook are very proud of their new live feed and because of this it gives the most exposure of any possible facebook post. If you have an event coming up set the live video as an event so it can build a following. Then all you have to do is start recording on your iphone and BANG you ate given amazing exposure and it has not cost you a cent.


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Instagram for retail 

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