Stage one of the Yarrawonga Holiday Park redevelopment

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Seamless Online Training & Consulting have been heavily involved in the design and construction of the stage one redevelopment of the Yarrawonga Holiday Park. As a previous onsite manager of the Yarrawonga Holiday Park Annalise Grinter our owner and head consultant understood the operations of the park both inside and out. In her 5 years since leaving the park Annalise has traveled Australia both training and consulting with accommodation houses of all kind. It was during this time that Annalise was able to learn the things that set one caravan/holiday park from the next.

Yarrawonga Holiday Park had so many great attributes

  • The park was centrally located on the edge of the Murray River
  • The park was walking distance to the main street and all of the towns amenities
  • The park was also located with the local football and tennis club
  • It had a fabulous camp kitchen which made it an ideal location for caravan clubs and large groups


However, the park did have a number of limitations

  • It only had one small playground and a room with play stations for kids
  • There was no pool and the public pool next door was only open 3 months of the year at certain time
  • It had a jumping pillow that was way too hot to use in summer
  • The park was open to the public 24/7 so the football and tennis club so security was hard


The park had the world at its feet and with just signing a 20-year lease and a new master plan to put in place Seamless jumped on board to help put the wheels in motion and improve the occupancy and income of the park moving forward.


The first thing we wanted to do was give the park a feature, some kind of draw card that would set it apartment from their competitors in town and also help fill out the biggest occupancy lulls. The park at present had no February trade, no school holiday trade after easter, during July or even in September.

It had great occupancy of Christmas and Easter but really dropped off around the 9th of January and on the before and after Easter.

The park also had a great October, November and March Occupancy with group bookings, local events and caravan clubs.

We looked at the properties competitor set and thought okay


  • They are prices very reasonable
  • Our caravan traffic from the grey-nomad and groups were great
  • We had targeted the waterskiing and fishing trade
  • We had NO real family trade because unless you had a boat there was not a real lot you could do

It was from here we realised our biggest lull was School Holidays, we had no school holiday trade.

After doing our research we found that the market we wanted to attract was Family Holidays were they stay a week or two in our quieter months. It was with this information we looked into parks that offer the greatest occupancy and what they are were doing so well. They had so much for the kids to do and to compliment it they had so many areas around these facilities for the parents to sit back relax and watch the kids be entertained and not nagging them with the dreaded words “I’m bored”. After looking into this a little more and how these properties sat in comparison to space and price we could easily see that

  • We had soo much space in this particular park (unlike most with so many children’s facilities)
  • Are price during these periods were less than half of what these other properties were charging

It was with this information in mind that we decided a family friendly recreation area was what was in need to take this park to the next level.

They are a park that at capacity had over 360 and could accommodate over 2,500 people.


Space was not going to be an issues so we were going to be able to organise an amazing facility and not charge the earth for it. Our marketing plan was make our rates competitive and get as many people into the park year round to enjoy the facility.


No matter what we were going to need to make sure the recreation area held the number of guest when it was full and Christmas and easter, so lets aim at a lower rate to get people in year round.


Our reasearch had found that those that has installed a water park had increases their income so much that the splash park had paid for itself in under two years.