Web Design

The presentation of your website is as important as the presentation of your shop if you are in retail or your property if your are in the accommodation industry. For those looking for your product or services your website is not only the first impression more often that not it can be the only impressions so there a few things that you need to ask yourself


  • Does my website represent my business?
  • Does my website engage my client within 3 second of them arriving?
  • Does show off all the services I offer and wish to sell?
  • If I was looking at my website and my direct competitors website does it visually show the differences?
  • Our my pictures a clear impression of the product(s) I offer?
  • Is all the information I need there at the click of a button?
  • Can my website be found online?
  • Is my website easy to get around?
  • Can my clients contact me quick and easily if they need to ask me a question?
  • Can I obtain a sale/bookings whilst they are on my website?



If you answered no to any of the questions it is time you contact the team at Seamless today so we can do a website elvatuation and see if we can tweak your existing website a little or if we need to start from scratch


Below are a few examples of website we have completed.


A Seamless website starts at just $550 with a $30 per month hosting and support


kennedy website


kennedy commercial



obryan paint and line


balance spin studio


taylor kennedywww.taylorkennedy.com.au





floral harvest




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