Website Content Updating

update-websiteUpdating your website content is just as important as having a website. In an internet world where the bench mark is always moving it is important that images, text and links are constantly being updated on your website to keep it searching well.

It is even more important to update your website content including text and images to keep the information reinvent to potential clients.

You do not wanting be showing client images of rooms, facilities, machines or stock that is more than 2 years old.

At Seamless we understand that working your way around the back end of a website is difficult at the best of time so we offer website updating services.

To understand how your business runs we have an initial consultation where we find out everything we need to know about your business and then we make your website content reflect that.quality-web-content-writing


Contact the Seamless team today to find out more about our website content updating service including

  • Writing text for the pages of your website
  • Getting new website images taken
  • Linking your website to social media
  • Writing blog post to help keep your website current
  • Adding mailing list to your website
  • Adding testimonials
  • Creating google and connecting business listings
  • Giving your website a fresh look without changing the structure completely
  • Adding book now buttons and shopping charts